Election Day: One clear choice

Andrew on election dayToday you can go out and cast your vote. I urge you to do so. Your vote can make a difference.

Are you are fed up with “business as usual politics” where politicians say roughly the same thing, squabble with each other, and then fail to deliver their promises? Are you fed up of them turning up just at election time after your vote, only for them to let you down for the rest of the time?

Well you have a real positive alternative. You can vote for the Green Party. This is a party that is still based on principles and creates policy through its members, not dictated to by those at the top. It is a party that doesn’t just change what it says to please the audience it has in front of it. It is a party that has policies that puts people and the planet first. It is a party that looks to make things better for all not just the elite in society. It is a party that will look after the vulnerable members of society. It is a party of hope, not negativity and fear.

Just a few of the things the Green Party want to do:

  • Ensure we have a safe planet to live on with a whole range of measures to tackle Climate Change while helping people reduce their cost of living at the same time.
  • Create hundreds of thousands of new jobs that are actually secure, well paid and something you can build a life on.
  • Build 500,000 new social homes for affordable renting to help tackle our housing crisis.
  • Keep the NHS public, fund it properly, and remove privatisation.
  • Introduce a minimum wage that is a living wage of £10 per hour.
  • Renationalise the railways, and regulate buses enabling us to drop fares. We’d immediately reduce fares by 10%.
  • End university fees, reintroduce grants to replace loans, and write off the student loan debt. We’d reintroduce the EMA to help young people stay on at school.
  • Create an economy that works for all not just the wealthy. We’d tackle tax avoidance, ensure big corporations pay their fair share of taxes, and raise the top rate of tax for the very wealthy.

Find out more here: https://www.greenparty.org.uk/we-stand-for/

If you want a real progressive change, vote for it. Vote for what you believe in not the least worst option. Vote Green Party. Please vote for me, Andrew Pointon, in Leeds West. It’s time we had a change for the better.

Thank you





The Green vision for public transport

Former Armley & Wortley stationWith just a few days to go before the election, I want to remind you about the Green Party vision for public transport.

Yesterday Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett announced our plan to give local authorities the power to regulate bus services – ending two decades of decline in this most vital of public services. This would help hugely to improve the currently poor and expensive bus services in Leeds.

Greens can deliver a public transport system that people can truly depend on and will encourage people out of their cars, helping to reduce emissions, improve air quality and lower levels of CO2.

British train journeys are the most crowded and expensive in Europe – it’s easy to see why people choose to drive instead.

Almost £4 billion of public money is paid to private railway companies each year in subsidies.

90% of their profits are then handed over to shareholders, instead of being reinvested back into improving services. As I highlighted in a previous post, this investment could mean 9 new stations in Leeds West

Over two-thirds of the British public support renationalisation of the railways.

The Green Party are the only party that has promised to bring the railways back into public hands.

We will create more reliable and affordable services for everyone, starting by immediately cutting public transport fares by 10% to relieve financial pressures for commuters.

If you share our vision, and want a public transport system designed for the people, vote Green on May 7th.


Leeds West could benefit from nine new railway stations

No to HS2 yes to new stations

Andrew Pointon at the site of the former Armley & Wortley station

Green Party parliamentary candidate, Andrew Pointon, believes that two key Green Party national policies could help Leeds West see a huge improvement to local rail services. The Green Party want to see the railways renationalised which would enable greater control over investment in the rail network. The Greens also want to scrap the £50bn HS2 project and spend some of the money on local transport systems.

In Leeds West this could mean the opening of 9 new stations on 4 different lines that run through the constituency. These would include the reopening of 7 former stations, and the creation of 2 new ones. Construction has already started on one of the 9 stations at Kirkstall Forge, but the Green Party believes that there is scope to aim for a more ambitious target to open an additional 8 stations. These would give local people a more rapid journey to the city centre and help cut down on road use.

Andrew says of the proposals:

“As the son of a retired railwayman I am passionate about the railways and seeing them back in public hands. It is a disgrace how much taxpayers’ money is given to private companies to run overpriced rail services for profits. By renationalising the railways we could have lower fares and more investment in new stations. In Leeds West the Green Party have highlighted 8 additional new locations that would really benefit local people. This would be a far better use of public funds than the HS2 vanity project”.  

The following briefing paper lists the nine possible new stations:  Urban rail network in Leeds West constituency

Return the railways to public hands  Vote Pointon 7th May