Leeds West could benefit from nine new railway stations

No to HS2 yes to new stations

Andrew Pointon at the site of the former Armley & Wortley station

Green Party parliamentary candidate, Andrew Pointon, believes that two key Green Party national policies could help Leeds West see a huge improvement to local rail services. The Green Party want to see the railways renationalised which would enable greater control over investment in the rail network. The Greens also want to scrap the £50bn HS2 project and spend some of the money on local transport systems.

In Leeds West this could mean the opening of 9 new stations on 4 different lines that run through the constituency. These would include the reopening of 7 former stations, and the creation of 2 new ones. Construction has already started on one of the 9 stations at Kirkstall Forge, but the Green Party believes that there is scope to aim for a more ambitious target to open an additional 8 stations. These would give local people a more rapid journey to the city centre and help cut down on road use.

Andrew says of the proposals:

“As the son of a retired railwayman I am passionate about the railways and seeing them back in public hands. It is a disgrace how much taxpayers’ money is given to private companies to run overpriced rail services for profits. By renationalising the railways we could have lower fares and more investment in new stations. In Leeds West the Green Party have highlighted 8 additional new locations that would really benefit local people. This would be a far better use of public funds than the HS2 vanity project”.  

The following briefing paper lists the nine possible new stations:  Urban rail network in Leeds West constituency

Return the railways to public hands  Vote Pointon 7th May