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One Green MP. Imagine what another one could achieve. Vote Green on 8th June. 


Find out more about Andrew

Andrew in the Lake DistrictIf you want find out more about Andrew and what you can expect if you elect him as your MP, you can read about:

His views on the key issues facing the country.

His background and why he wants to become your MP.

Green Party Election Broadcasts show a different better way

Politics doesn’t have to be how it is as our latest election broadcasts show. For a different, fairer way look to the Green Party…

Green Party General Election Broadcast for 8th June 2017 – Change The Game

 Election Broadcast 2017


Green Party General Election Priorities

We get that right now the world seems a pretty scary place. And what makes it worse is the feeling we all have that events are completely out of our control.

We get that. We get that politics is off-putting. We get that voting sometimes seems pointless and that it’s not always easy to tell one politician from the next.

And we understand that after you’ve been told you can’t change anything about politics well, you’re going to start believing it.

At times like these we have to dig deep.

The Green Party is the only party committed to stepping outside that box with the “Old Politics” sign on it.

The moment the election was announced we reached out to other progressive parties and asked to talk about an alliance that could prevent the Conservatives being returned to power. Stuck with a vision of a political reality that no longer exists, that invitation was rejected.

We were disappointed but not deterred. We don’t believe in playing games. We believe that progress, prosperity, and people’s rights are more important than party politics. Our values are what drive us and guide us.

Which means that at this election – in fact, at any election – if you vote Green you know what you are getting.

Our Co-Leader Caroline Lucas has, on multiple occasions, been named MP of the year. Jonathan Bartley stood with residents of his home borough of Lambeth and stopped the demolition of an historic social housing estate. Our Assembly Members in London introduced the first living wage. Our MEPs secured the introduction of a Europe-wide cap on bankers’ bonuses following the financial crash. Our councillors in Sheffield took the courageous step of increasing council tax in order to pay for increased support for the poorest 30,000 families in the city.

So while the government is convinced that it’s either May’s way or the highway, we want Britain to take a new direction.

We want to create a confident and caring Britain. One that spends its wealth on our health; that inspires children, supports students, and listens to parents; that stands by teachers; and stands up for what it believes in.

If you share that vision, please vote for us on June 8th and together we will change politics and change Britain.

  • Stand up for renters
  • Stand up for our NHS
  • Stand up for young people
  • Stand up for our rights
  • Stand up for our environment

Read about our election priorities in more detail here:

 Green Party General Election Priorities

Green Candidate for Leeds West Constituency in 2017 selected

Andrew Pointon Green Party Candidate Leeds WestThe Green Party has selected Andrew Pointon as Green Party Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Leeds West Constituency in the General Election on 8th June 2017. Andrew was the candidate in the 2015 General Election where he obtained the best result the Green Party has ever achieved in Leeds West with 3217 votes (8.4%).

Andrew is 45 years old and is married to Tina and has three stepsons. Born and raised in North Staffordshire, he has lived in Leeds since 1990 when he moved here to study. After graduating Andrew experienced a period of unemployment before joining Leeds City Council in 1994, working there on a voluntary basis for the first six months. He obtained a job as an IT Assistant, and during his 22 years working for the authority he has worked his way up the ladder and in his substantive role manages a small team responsible for testing and releasing software and hardware. Andrew is currently on full time release as a trade union Convenor for the UNISON Leeds Branch. He therefore has experience helping people with their problems and dealing with casework.

Andrew joined the Green Party in 2008 and was served as the Farnley & Wortley Green Party Secretary for 5 years. He has been an active member of the Party throughout the west Leeds wards, leafleting, canvassing, and as one of the volunteer drivers for the Green Party New Year’s Day free bus. In 2010 Andrew was David Blackburn’s election agent during the General Election.

Andrew said of his selection:

“It is a great privilege to be selected by my party to stand as their General Election candidate for a second time, and I am humbled by them giving me another opportunity to try to represent the residents of Leeds West.

This General Election is probably the most important in living memory and will shape the future direction of this country. It has been presented by the prime minister as being solely about leaving the EU, but there are many equally important issues.

The NHS is in crisis, underfunded and being deliberately run down as an excuse to privatise it. I will fight to keep the NHS free and publicly run. My current role involves visiting schools so I’ve seen first-hand how government cuts to education funding are affecting school budgets leading to redundancies amongst teachers and support staff. I am passionate about our children having good quality education and will fight for investment in schools and to reverse the cuts.

But the biggest crisis of all gets largely ignored by the main parties and the media. Climate change is a huge issue and one we must tackle quickly because if our planet cannot support human life all other issues like the economy, jobs, and housing become irrelevant. The Green Party has policies to tackle climate change while at the same time creating quality jobs, switching the economy to work for all not just the very wealthy, and improving existing homes alongside building new affordable energy efficient homes to give more people a chance of a decent place to live.

The Green Party is a positive change. We have policies to help improve the lives of ordinary people and make sure we pass on a decent planet for our children and grandchildren to live in. Our councillors work hard all year round for their constituents, and know they cannot be taken for granted. If elected I would be just like our local councillors, being there for constituents all year round not just at election time, representing them in Parliament, sorting out their issues, and trying to get the best for Leeds West.

The people of Leeds West have the chance to help set the direction this country takes. They can chose a brighter, fresher, positive way forward. I hope they will lend their vote to the Green Party on 8th June for a better, fairer, greener Leeds West and Britain. We want to look after the 99% not the highest earning 1% like the other parties do. We need to build a better society based on hope, not on fear. We are in politics for people and the planet, not for ourselves.

Voting Green isn’t a wasted vote, it is voting for politics based on principles and trying to make a genuine difference. At the last General Election nearly 16 million people across the UK didn’t vote at all. Just think what a difference could be made if they chose a different, fresh, Green direction and elected more Green MPs. I hope the people of Leeds West are inspired by the Green Party’s positive message and support me on 8th June. Thank you.”